You will need a reel, fishing line, wide Scotch and three small coins. On a thin fishing line (0,2) tie a regular knot and tighten it. Put the line that ties in a knot in front of him on the table so that the node was on the left, the free end of the fishing line to the right, and the distance between them is formed on the table a small, open loop.
On the top of the loop place one coin and the remaining two coins put on the line to the left and right so that the coins formed a triangle. Put the end node of the cross on the free side of the fishing line and again press the fishing line above the knot with a coin.
By the end of the fishing line with a knot circle free way, making a loop. The node must be inside the loop. Changing his position, again press it with a coin.
Pull the knot under the string around it and make some loops, again pressing the line coin that it not be dismissed. You should now have a small loop-the noose with weaves on both sides. On the one hand from the stranglehold of the finish of the fishing line, knotted, and on the other free edge.
Large loop to the right of the choke, put on a spool of wide adhesive tape, so it is not delayed, and tighten the noose, creating a small rugged unit.
The finished loop will be securely fixed to the coil. Then you can wind the fishing line on the reel without danger of losing badly tied fishing line – the above method allows you to tie fishing line to the spool of the maximum durable and reliable.