Advice 1: How to pay tax on an apartment

Letting your house to rent is considered the source of income from which shall be paid by the tax to incomes of physical persons (NDFL) at a rate of 13%. To transfer this money to the budget responsibility taxplatelist. The deadline for paying personal income tax for last year is April 30. Until the same date you must also submit to the taxowou inspection Declaration.
You will need
  • calculator;
  • - details of your tax office;
  • receipt of the savings Bank for payment of taxes;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Calculate the amount of tax. To do this, divide the annual income from the rental property (monthly rent multiplied by 12) by 100 and multiply the result by 13.
To pay tax you may, at any time, just no later than 30 April. But it is more convenient to do it on a rolling income. The more money you need to pay, the harder it is to part with them. And the required amount by the time of the deadline for payment may simply not be: spending money is always easier than earning.
Find out in territorial taxinspections the novel, near to the house a branch of the savings Bank or on the official website of Directorate of the Federal taxroom service of your subject of Federation details for the payment of personal income tax.
In case of payment through Sberbank head in the office of the special receipt form for taxs and fill it.
You can make a payment from your account in a particular Bank. But it is better to clarify whether he carries out such payments. If Yes, you can create a payment via the online client or to apply for this purpose the Bank staff. He will ask you to present a passport. He also will need details, amount and purpose of payment.
With the period from the first working day in January until 30 April, you must also file a taxowou Declaration for the previous year (form 3НДФЛ). The form of this document is to take the taxroom inspection or download on the Internet.
In the Declaration you must specify the size of the total income for the year and paid his taxagents, including earnings through the taxoriented agents (employers and organization making payments under civil contracts: Agency, copyright, contract, etc.). This will require help from each W-2 taxovogo agent. For this document you can apply to the head of the organization concerned.
The completed Declaration must be attributed to the taxowou personally (with a copy to mark about acceptance) or send by registered mail with return receipt requested.

Advice 2: How to pay tax for renting apartments

Rent an apartment now all who have the opportunity. But that's just massively prefer to forget that, like any source of income, the amount received from the lessee should be subject to taxation. Although, if the IRS interested in the delinquent, the penalties for unpaid tax are very large.
You will need
  • In order to pay the tax for renting apartment, you need to have an apartment and get income from her date.
For those who still decides to live transparently from the point of view of Finance for the state, there is a small instruction for the payment of tax. It can be paid in several ways. For example, to register the lessor as the individual entrepreneur with the right of applying the simplified taxation system. In this case, the annual tax from renting flats to rent will be 6%. In ruble equivalent at a cost of monthly charge 25, 000 and income for the year 300 000, 18,000 rubles. Of the downsides of this method of paying taxes - they are not available to persons under 18 years of age and those who work in the civil service.
You can pay annual fees to the Treasury as income tax. The disadvantage of this method of payment - a high rate of interest. 13% will have to pay once a year, if you rent an apartment. So, if you rent an apartment all in the same 300 000 rubles per year, the amount of the tax rate is 39 000. And this is more than twice than under the simplified system of taxation.
How to pay tax for <em>surrender</em> <b>apartment</b>
In order to pay the tax, you need to every month from the tenant a receipt showing the amount that the landlord received from them. Because these documents will lay the Foundation at the time of delivery of securities to the tax. You will also need to fill in an income Declaration. But life will be calmer. After all the penalty for tax evasion is quite impressive - 20% from not paid sums of the tax.
How to pay tax for <em>surrender</em> <b>apartment</b>
Missing a payment is fraught with the prosecution up to the criminal.
Useful advice
To legally reduce the tax on income from renting your property can be registered as individual entrepreneur and going to the simplified system of taxation with "income". In this case, the tax will be 6% of the rent. But to pay it will have each quarter. It will also be necessary to do for themselves contributions to the Pension Fund and other extrabudgetary funds.
In some regions entrepreneurs who rent housing, can go to the simplified system of taxation based on the patent. To learn more about this opportunity and the amount of the payment, which in this case is the same for everyone and not depend on the size of the rents in your tax office.
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