Advice 1: How to enroll in Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious Universitys the United States of America and the world. Harvard, founded back in 1636, is located in the town of Cambridge in Massachusetts. The students at Harvard Universityreceive a high quality education that is appreciated all over the world. But what you need to do in order to get into Harvard University?
To enroll in Harvard University is difficult, even if you are experiencing financial problems and are willing to pay for their education. Competition for one student place is quite high - from more than 30 000 applications experienced teachers are selected only 1-2 thousand. It is worth noting that the set of documents, which is submitted to the selection Committee considered separately the two teachers who select the standing of the candidates in the students.
So what are the documents you will need in order to get into Harvard University? First of all, you must give the test results the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), which is a school assessment test. The SAT is largely similar to our Unified State Exam, which is at the end of secondary school. It includes three sections: mathematics, text analysis and writing. Instead of sitting, you can take the exam ACT (American College Testing), which includes such topics as math, English,reading and specific science.
To enter a certain faculty of Harvard University (students are encouraged to choose from 11 academic units), you must successfully complete three specialized test SAT II. These tests show how well the student is familiar with the chosen specialty. In addition, you will need to provide the admissions Committee certification for secondary school with the grades in the subjects. If you are not able to obtain such a certificate, the Commission will take the results of the GRE test.In addition, the applicant must provide the admissions letters of recommendation from 2-3 teachers who are familiar with the candidate and his scientific activities.
In addition to the aforementioned documents, it is also recommended to provide the admissions office with any proof of your social activity and scientific activity. Teachers really appreciate students who participated in the Olympic games, international programs, internships.Appreciated and experience in volunteer activities.

Advice 2: How to enroll in the University of

Higher education institutions in the UK are known for their level of training. To study in England travel students from around the world. What to do in an English University Russian citizen?
You will need
  • - money for education;
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - certificate of passing the international exam in English.
Improve your English to a level sufficient for learning. Subsequently, he will need to confirm one of the official language examinations, such as IELTS. Points needed depend on the requirements of your chosen University.
Complete the preparation for higher education in England. Graduates of schools and high school students must pass a two-year apprenticeship in one of the specialized centres for foreigners at A-level. It is equivalent to high school English high school and is necessary because in Russia secondary education is twelve, and ten years. Another option is the completion of the program Fordation lasting a year and designed primarily to improve the English level of the applicant. Those who studied in a Russian University at least two years, additional programs will be optional.
Select the Universityyou want to do. Focus on the most important parameters. This may be the position of the University in the international ranking or its good location. Also, the base may be the specifics of the proposed educational program.
Find out all the conditions of admission on the website educational institutions: the list of required documents, the cost of education, availability of scholarship or funding for a foreigner. Prepare and translate into English all the necessary papers, among which should be your assessment for the Russian or English exams and qualifications. The collected documents need to be send to the University. Please note that the submission of documents can begin with a large margin of time, for example, a year before the desired school.
Wait for a response from the University. If a positive decision you will be able to start registration of the British visa for the student.
Useful advice
1) the Required set of documents includes test results SAT/ACT, references letters,a certificate for secondary school grades and the results of three core tests.

2) Attach a set of documents all existing diplomas, certificates and evidence of community activities.

3) Harvard University is a private institution, so the tuition paid.
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