Advice 1: How to cook a delicious barbecue

Spring and summer weekend many people like to fry the kebabs on the nature. Of course, you can buy ready-marinated meat. But it is much better to marinate the meat by themselves with the soul, then the kebab will definitely delicious. The main thing – to know and follow some rules of cooking barbecue.
The first step is to choose the right meat. Delicious barbecue do not have to cook lamb. A great alternative to pork. It is better to take the cervix, there is meat and fat. But you can buy other pieces, most importantly, that there was not then living, attended by a little salsa for flavor. Of course, the meat must be fresh. To determine this, press down on its surface. If the meat is springy and once straightened, it is fresh. If dent makes people long deals, this meat is better not to take.
How to cook a delicious barbecue
Meat should be properly marinated. But first, it is important to cut – across the grain pieces of a thickness of 3 cm, the optimal size of the pieces – 6х6х3 or a little bit more. These pieces should be soaked in a solution of vinegar with water, salt, pepper, Bay leaf and onion circles. Mugs onions – about 0.5 cm – no need to split into rings. Need to soak for 2-4 hours, no more.
How to cook a delicious barbecue
Good barbecue should be prepared for the right wood. The best option is any fruit trees, e.g. Apple, cherry, apricot. It is not recommended to use coniferous trees, maple, ash, poplar, alder, willow, elm, acacia, aspen, Rowan. The resin of these trees when burning emit carcinogens, meat should not soak them. In the grill from the wood it is necessary to prepare the coals, gasoline and other liquids for ignition should be avoided.
How to cook a delicious barbecue
When the flames subside, you can put on the grill threaded on skewers kebabs. Skewers better to take flat, so when you flip the pieces of meat on them is not cool. Kebabs should be strung tightly. Alternating with onion slices, tomatoes. When frying the kebabs need to constantly flip and pour over the marinade. If the coals to give the fire they need to extinguish, sbryzgivaja some water to the kebabs don't burn.
How to cook a delicious barbecue

Advice 2: How delicious to cook barbecue

Barbecue is not just grilled meat threaded on skewers. This dish requires a special approach, and compliance at all stages of making from meat selection, proper cutting, marinating and before roasting on the coals.
You will need
    • — 1 kg of meat;
    • 5-6 follicles;
    • — 1 bunch green onions;
    • — 1 lemon;
    • — 3-4 tomatoes;
    • — 5 g of dried barberry;
    • — ground black pepper;
    • — 4 tbsp of the sauce tkemali;
    • 20 g melted lamb fat;
    • — salt to taste;
    • — grill;
    • — firewood;
    • — skewers.
Select the meat for the barbecue. The most juicy and tender shish kebab will turn out leg of lamb and pork neck. Also the dish is cooked from pork, beef, veal. For the lamb shish kebab is better to choose a piece with bones. Pork should not be too thick, otherwise while cooking the melted fat starts to burn.
Wash the meat in running water, dry. It can be cut into smaller pieces measuring approximately 5 5 cm Too large pieces roasts unevenly, and dries.
Make a marinade. Its compulsory ingredients — onion, salt, pepper and sour liquid, for example, wine, lemon juice or pomegranate, yogurt, mineral water. Do not use for marinade vinegar, it interrupts the taste of the meat. Put the meat pieces into an enamel, glass or pottery. Onions cut into large rings. From lemon squeeze the juice. Pour pieces coarse salt and season with ground black pepper. Add the onion and lemon juice. Cover and leave in a cool place for 2-3 hours.
Use for cooking delicious skewers of pork and lamb with cherry, lime or birch wood, beef — wood from fruit trees, grape vine. Firewood needs to be a diameter of about 4-6 cm, they are longer burning and leave good coals. Do not cook the skewers on the wood of conifers.
Clean the grill from the ashes, lay the twigs and splinters on the bottom and on the edges of kindling and firewood spread on the center. Ignite and wait until the wood is completely burned.
Put the skewers for a few minutes on the grill to hot. String the pieces on hot skewers, so the meat will not flow out the juice. Piece pierce along in two places, so it does not hang and does not hang out. Separate the pieces from each other so they cooked evenly. Between the pieces of meat string onion rings or sweet bell pepper, cut into circles tomatoes. Coat the meat melted mutton sheep's tail fat.
Cook skewers over hot coals for 10-15 minutes. Periodically sbryzgivaja meat with the remaining marinade. As often as you can turn the skewers so that the pieces were cooked evenly.
Incise the piece of meat along with a very sharp knife to his readiness. If the piece will stand out pink juice, then leave the meat to rest for a few minutes, if the juice is transparent, the dish is ready, and if no juice at all, then the meat is already dry.
Garnish the prepared kebabs with herbs and barberries, and garnish with green onions, cut into slices tomatoes, sauce tkemali.
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