Advice 1: How to restore the certificate of education

The certificate about education – an important document, certifying the termination of average educational institutions. In case it is lost the person not only can continue training, but to get a prestigious job. What if the loss of the document discovered?
You will need
  • A blank sheet of paper
  • The identity document
Write the application addressed to the Director of the school, if you have to restore the certificate of secondary education. Then they performed the request to the office of education, which establishes the fact of graduation of the institution.
Following receipt of the established sample employee of the school fills it according to the archives. And in the upper right corner indicates that the duplicate issued in lieu of original.
You will receive a duplicate passport in three days, if finished 9 classes, and after a month, if studied 11 classes.
Contact the municipal Board of education, if your school is reorganized. It will direct you to the educational institution that has been designated the successor, as it stores historical data about your certificate.

Advice 2: How to restore the document on education

If you lost the diploma about higher education, it can become an obstacle when applying for a good job. To avoid this, you have gathered all the necessary documents as quickly as possible to engage in its recovery.
With the loss of a diploma of higher education first need to come to the district police station. Here you should provide information about what you said about the loss of the diploma and investigative work have not given results.
With this certificate and a passport you should contact the school where you received a diploma, to write the application about issuance of a duplicate diploma to the rector, specifying the period of your study at this University, year of graduation, faculty and specialty. In addition, you will have to pay the state fee.
If you got the diploma in my maiden name, and at the moment have time to change, police clearance certificate and the application should attach a copy of your certificate of marriage. However, the diploma will remain your old name.
If for any reason fill in the diploma Supplement becomes impossible, the duplicate diploma shall be issued without application. If you lost the diploma and the Annex thereto issued prior to June 22, 1996, you will be given a copy of the diploma and enclosure to the updated forms. If the diploma you received after 22 июня1996, instead get a duplicate of the diploma Supplement, which should contain registration number of the surviving diploma. If the document on higher education issued before 22 июня1996, instead of a duplicate application is given an extract from the working curriculum on which the student graduated, with the obligatory indication of the period of study and of subjects studied. If the diploma was obtained after June 22, 1996, then issued a duplicate of the diploma and its annexes, and preserved the original of the Annex shall be disposed of.
The restoration of the diploma of higher education usually takes a long time – from one month to six months, especially if he lost in the spring, during final exams.
The fact of graduation is set on the basis of availability of relevant documents. They can be: certified copy of certificate of education, written evidence of teachers who taught in this graduate class, the Deputy Director on educational work.
If at this stage you live in another city, to restore the certificate will have to personally come to my home school. Such documents are not sent by mail. Only in the primary stage to send the request for reinstatement certified by a notary.
Useful advice
In order for a statement about the loss of the certificate was made in the municipalities, it is necessary to write correctly. To do this, in addition to the instructions necessary to issue a duplicate, you need to tell us the circumstances under which the original was lost, as well as attach documents confirming this fact.
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