However, to fully enjoy all of these convenient and enjoyable capabilities, you must first turn on bluetooth on the laptop and configure it.

  1. First of all make sure that your laptop is indeed present bluetooth. Most manufacturers have a very similar notebook models that have identical case tucked different possibilities, and it is bluetooth it can touch in the first place. The button to turn on bluetooth, and even cheerfully glowing indicator are not evidence of the presence of the bluetooth module in the laptop. That this model is indeed equipped with bluetooth shows a sticker on the casing with appropriate labeling, confirming the licensing of the bluetooth.

  2. If bluetooth is present, you just need to turn on bluetooth on the laptop. Often bluetooth is activated using the same button with the antenna icon, and wifi. In other cases, enable bluetooth, you can only programmatically, for example by right-clicking the mouse on the bluetooth icon in the system tray and selecting "Enable". Of course, the necessary driver needs to be correctly installed. If necessary, use the manufacturer's website for laptops or supplied together with the computer a disk with drivers.

  3. Left to turn on bluetooth on the phone or other device, to carry with notebook discovery of available bluetooth devices, and you can set the communication standard for bluetooth: select a device on the network name, specify code for connection, then the bluetooth connection is set and ready to exchange information.