Advice 1: How to choose color for kitchen

Kitchen is not only a Bastion of traditional family values, but also a place where the hostess spends a lot of hours daily. And what will be the mood of the cook while cooking, depends on the quality and taste of the dishes. And this means that the space the kitchen has to create the mistress in a good mood to be cosy and comfortable. Equally important in any interior plays a color. How to choose the color of the kitchen? There are a few rules.
All used colorand texture (furniture facades, accessories, walls, floors) should be well combined. The right colororiented combinations not found in nature – there is only good. But still, it is worth remembering that there are several types of compatibility colourov:- solid color (colorlike the gamma within the same color. If you decide to use this type of the compatibility, order kitchen furniture facades, for example, dark purple colorand gender and "apron" make a light purple tiles. Finally a little dilute purple palette with patches of another colorand, for example, a white top;- harmonious. Knowing the winning combination of colors, you can arrange the kitchen on the basis of them. For a good red color, AMI-companions are purple, orange, Golden yellow. Yellow goes well with orange, and the colorof th lime. Green color benefits from the proximity of green, the colorlime om or sea waves. The blue shade looks amazing with purple, as well as the colorof th sea waves. - the game of contrasts. Here are the colorsand opposites: black and white, blue and yellow, green and purple, and so on. Deciding to make the kitchen a contrasting colorAMI, you must be very careful with the selection of the combinations and dosage of each shade.
Of course, the most important factor in choosing the colorand cuisine is a taste of a family member, which most of the time spends in this room. But do not use too bright colorowou scheme. The bright colors have the property to stimulate the nervous system, so in a few days al the glittering facades of kitchen drawers will probably start to annoy the hostess.
Note also that using colorand easy to visually adjust the room and even give it new properties. For example, a white color visually enhances the space, gives it clarity and purity. Dark brown warm color brings to the room coziness, solidity and tradition, but makes it look smaller than it actually is. Kitchen in blue tones, looks cool, bright and spacious. For a small kitchen with Windows on the South or South-East – just what the doctor ordered. But green color is the color of nature. It creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the room. However, it is not necessary to use in the kitchen green as the only color. It is better to shade it Golden, the colorof th wood or some other. And finally, the yellow color makes the kitchen warmer, brighter, adds the sun and good mood. Yellow color very suitable for use in small kitchen with Windows to the North or to the city yard, rather reminiscent of a stone well.

Advice 2: How to choose a wall color in the kitchen

A few decades ago the walls in the kitchen stained dark with oil paint, but modern designers are against this decision. Because color plays a huge role in a person's life, it affects health, mood, performance, relationships. Housewives spend in the kitchen a lot of time, so it is important to choose the right shade for the walls.
The walls serve as a backdrop for the interior, and the choice of shade for them, you need to consider several key factors: the overall interior style, lighting, size of room and height of ceilings. Rate these features of the kitchen. For example, for small kitchens it is advisable to choose light colors since they optically expand the space. Psychologists do not recommend to paint the walls in the kitchen in bright and flashy colors, especially if it's small, and you spend a lot of time. Dark colors reduce the room, so only suitable for spacious kitchens. Also in large rooms it is undesirable to use cool colors because they make the kitchen deserted and impersonal.
In low light, and especially the lack of sunlight, choose warm tones for the walls – yellow, orange, light brown and beige. If the room gets a lot of sunlight, it is better not to paint the walls in saturated colors, as they are in the light will become brighter and you can change the color.
Think about the effect of color on the human psyche. So, kitchen red at first glance seem original, extravagant and exciting, but they quickly get bored and start to annoy. Although it has been proven that red stimulates the appetite, so you can choose non-aggressive tones of cherry, tomato, coral. Blue has a calming effect, but comfort and warmth in the room adds. If the kitchen is always warm, then shades of dark blue would be perfect. But most of the walls in the kitchen are doing in pale blue tones.
It is believed that the green color is good for digestion. For the kitchen it is advisable to choose pistachio or green shades. Also popular pastel colors, yellow gloss, red copper. Universal color is white, it can be used in all styles, from classic to hi-tech.
Consider the color and design of kitchen furniture. For example, white furniture with glass and metal elements combined with the red walls. Classic wooden furniture looks good against the background of peach, beige or white walls. Frosted glass can emphasize the fashionable colours of the wenge or mahogany.
There are several "forbidden" colors for kitchen: black and all dark shades of brown. They suppress the appetite, make the room cramped and cause associations with dirt.
To understand how comfortably you will live with the chosen color of the walls, hang on walls sheets of white paper, old Wallpaper or cardboard. Apply a spot of paint and leave for a few days, during which you need to listen to their feelings.
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