Advice 1: How to remove oil stain

To remove oil stains and grease stains use solvents without additives. The purity of the solvent test, dropping it on a paper towel. If the spot will disappear, then solvent clean and it can be used on clothing. Before starting work always check the action of drugs on the inner seam of the product, the fabric is not affected. The stain process from the middle to the edges.
You will need
  • Old oil stain
  • - gasoline or turpentine (part 1)
  • - industrial alcohol (70 parts)
  • - ammonia (4 parts)
  • The old grease stain on wool fabric
  • - gasoline
  • - cotton swab
  • - iron
  • paper towel
  • Fresh oil stains
  • - iron
  • white paper towel
  • - tooth powder
  • Remove stains with soap and water.
  • - ammonia (1 teaspoon)
  • liquid detergent (1 teaspoon)
  • - warm water (1/2 Cup)
  • - cotton swab
  • - iron
  • - white cloth
  • Spot removal gasoline
  • - gasoline
  • paper towel
  • - cotton swab
  • Oil stain on silk fabric
  • - ammonia (1/2 tbsp)
  • - glycerin (1 tbsp)
  • water (1 tbsp)
  • The stain from the vegetable oil.
  • - kerosene
  • - clean cloth
  • The stain of fish oil
  • - water (1/3 Cup)
  • - vinegar (1 tbsp)
  • - cotton swab
Old grease stain.
Prepare a mixture of gasoline, denatured alcohol and ammonia. Wet the cloth with water in the area of the slick. A clean white cloth to soak in the mixture and wipe the stain. If the stain is not coming off, then put it on it soaked a rag for 10 minutes, then again RUB.
Old greasy stain on the wool fabric.
Wet a cotton swab with gasoline. Soak the old stain. After 5 minutes, apply on the stain a folded paper towel and iron the fabric. Wash the thing in warm soapy water.
Fresh oil spot.
Put on the Ironing Board with a paper towel. On him lay the soiled cloth on top, cover with another layer of blotting towels. Iron with a hot iron. If the stain is still visible, sprinkle the tooth powder and leave for 3 hours. Shake off the powder and again iron the fabric through the paper
Remove stains with soap and water.
Mix in a glass of warm water and ammonia detergent. Put the stained fabric on a hard surface, soak a cotton swab in the solution and wipe the stain. Then put on stain a white cloth and iron well heated iron.
Spot removal gasoline.
On a hard surface, put it folded several times with a paper towel. It will place the fabric with the stain, m., wrong side up. Soak a tampon in petrol and wipe the stain.
Oil stain on silk fabric.
In a large bowl or a small basin put a silk cloth to place with the spotit was on the bottom of the tank. In a glass mix the ammonia, glycerin and water. Pour this solution to the stain and soak for 10 minutes. Then wash the fabric in warm water.
The stain from the vegetable oil.
If you put vegetable oil on fabric of cotton, wool or silk, moisten a white cloth in kerosene and RUB the stain. Then wash the thing in warm soapy water.
The stain of fish oil.
Mix the water with vinegar. Moisten a cotton swab in the liquid and wipe cloth.

Advice 2: How to remove oil stains from clothes

When you are preparing food in the kitchen, or engaged in the repair of his car, careful not to dirty his clothes. Try to wear something that is not a pity to pollute. To clean clothing it is necessary to use special tools, which are able to withdraw any stains and dirt.
Sometimes if you are on duty you have to perform the dirty work, wear specially designed protective clothing. This will save you from a long time removing stains and dirt from your skirt or pants.
Remember that it's advisable to remove stains immediately after they occur. A much more difficult situation with the old, already dried stains. Before you begin, clean the dirty area of the clothes from dust. Remember that to wash the clothes after removing stains.
To after removing left no trace on the fabric, treat the area around the spots. To remove the grease stain, prep swabs, small plate, covered with several layers of white cloth. If you will be using chemicals, ventilate the room. To remove grease stain from clothing using organic solvents such as gasoline, turpentine, ether, acetone, alcohol.
If the grease stain is fresh, sprinkle salt on it and gently RUB with a toothbrush or a specially prepared hard matter. Replace salt several times, until the pollution will be practically invisible. Then wash clothing in hot water, well-processed stained area with bar soap.
With a wool cloth remove grease gasoline, with velvet – turpentine or alcohol. Before removal of old stains soften the cloth with solvent or gasoline. Then a contaminated site hot sprinkle with potato flour. The procedure is repeated several times until complete disappearance of the spots.
If all of the above methods did not help you, and get rid of grease stains failed, take clothes to the dry cleaners. Carefully about your clothing and do not expose it to unnecessary risk. It is desirable that it did not have any contamination. After all, every spot spoils the cloth, which undoubtedly influences the attractiveness of your clothes.
When working with gasoline, kerosene and alcohols are not near an open flame.
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