Advice 1: How to call the police on megaphone

In an emergency, you may need to call from a mobile phone to the police (or rather, the police), it is not always at hand can be a landline telephone. Network subscribers "the Megaphone" have the ability to communicate with emergency services even in cases where the phone number is blocked for non-payment or the phone is not inserted SIM card.
The first option is the easiest: you dial a short number, in a well-known variant:
Fire protection - 01
Police (police)- 02
Ambulance - 03
Service gas - 04Однако, it is possible that the model of your mobile phone can not establish a connection with short numbers. In this case, after similar rooms in addition to take 0:
Fire Department - 010
Police (police) - 020
Ambulance - 030
Service of gas - 040
Another way - just remember the number of emergency - 112. When you call this number you will hear a message about the future set for connection to an emergency room.
To connect to:
fire Department, press 1:
with the police (the police), press 2;
with the ambulance service, press 3;
with gas service — press 4.
After pressing the selected key is a connection with the desired service.

Advice 2: How to call the police from a mobile network MegaFon

In case you need to call the police (the police), when you do not have a landline phone, you can use the mobile device. Currently, mobile operator MegaFon provides an opportunity to its subscribers communication with emergency services even when the account has no funds or even sim card is blocked.
Use the simplest way and dial on your mobile phone the number in the well-known version:
01 – fire protection;
02 – militia (police);
03 – ambulance;
04 – gas emergency.
In that case, if the model of your mobile phone does not support connection with short numbers, after similar rooms additionally enter 0:
010 – fire protection;
020 – militia (police);
030 – ambulance;
040 – gas emergency.
If your account has mobile phone no money or blocked your sim card, you can call the emergency service number 112. Follow the prompts of answering machine. So:
-press 1 to connect with the fire Department;
-press 2 to connect with the police (the police);
-press 3 to connect with the ambulance;
-press 4 to connect to the gas service.
After pressing the appropriate key will be connected with the required emergency service.
Call emergency services from a mobile phone is not charged and is free. This fact is enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation, violation of which is punishable under the administrative code of the Russian Federation.
Phone numbers valid in all regions of the Russian Federation.
In addition, when you call the militia (police) be vigilant and don't call the service for nothing and Vice versa – if there's something or someone needs help, do not pass by and enter this shortcode, perhaps you can save someone's life.
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If you are a subscriber of another mobile operator, to call the militia (police) you need to dial:
MTS – 020;
Beeline – 002;
Sky-Link – 902;
Tele – 2 – 020;
Yutel – 020;
Motive -902.
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