Advice 1: How to put a motorcycle on the account

You recently bought the bikeand now it needs to be put on accounting in traffic police. Don't know where to start? Our guide to help you.
You will need
  • - your passport
  • - passport of the vehicle
  • help-account or contract of sale
  • - a policy of compulsory third party liability insurance
  • - pass state inspection
Make a photocopy of the documents. You will need two copies of the passport of the vehicle and one copy of the insurance policy third party liability.
Find out where you can put on the account of your motorcycle. Usually vehicles are put on records at the place of residence. To clarify, in what kind of separation ired or MOTOTRER you should contact safer via a directory service of the Prefecture of your County or city. Many municipalities now have electronic versions of the handbooks are freely available on the Internet.
Collecting a full package of documents and finding out where you should make your registration process, go to the office and submit your documents. Usually, the whole package take in a single window, so you don't have to run all over the building.
Get the documents.
After some time, you will be given a back pack of your documents, application form for registration and two receipts on payment of state duties. The statement should carefully fill up and the receipt to pay at the nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia.
Visit your CSI.
After you took your first bureaucratic part of the process of setting your motorcycleand accounting, you will need to proceed on a special platform. There the vehicle will be examined by the inspector-the criminalist, and, if all goes well, your registration application will be stamped with two seals. Now you can go back to the Department.
You should give a full package of documents, pay stubs and completed application with stamps from the inspector-criminalist in the same window where your documents are checked the first time.
Once everything is checked and properly designed, you will be able to pick up their new documents and to rooms.

Advice 2: How to put on accounting in traffic police

Procedure for putting the car on accounting in traffic police in General, a standard, and since April 2011 it has been simplified. In particular, the procedure has been abolished verification numbers engine, before consuming a lot of time and nerves from car owners. And still some time to register the purchased car will have to spend. To apply for this you need MREO of traffic police.
You will need
  • - the documents confirming the fact of purchase of the machine;
  • - certificate for the vehicle;
  • - passport;
  • - money to pay the registration fee.
Before buying the car, call in MREO of traffic policeserving your address of residence or stay, and make an appointment at any time convenient to you and yet unoccupied time. You can also do this via the Internet website of the Department of traffic police of the region. There you can find information on what the DMV maintains your address and its coordinates.
Receipt and application form for registration, which previously could be obtained only in person at the DMV, now is not difficult to download on the official website of traffic police of the MIA of Russia. There is information about the actual amount of the state taxes.As of 2011, they amounted to: 300 rubles for registration of the vehicle is 1.5 thousand rubles for the issuance of license plates on cars and buses and 1 thousand rubles - for motorcycles and trailers, 200 p. changes in registration and for temporary registration of the vehicle or trailer in the place of residence of the owner. Have all this information on the sites of regional departments of traffic police.
To pay the state duty through Sberbank.
On admission to the DMV wants to see the passport, the documents confirming the certificate of title to the machine (paper bag from the showroom, the agreement of purchase and sale, donation, etc. on the situation), the receipt of payment of required state fees, the registration certificate for the car and a policy of compulsory third party liability. If the owner were given transit accommodation, you will have to show them, and to register the machine as long as they have not expired.
The registered vehicle must also be inspected. The opportunity of the inspection to receive the registration update in your ired. If this procedure has already taken place, you present the certificate of inspection. If not, drive to the inspection area of the car itself, and it is being tested on the same day.
During the inspection pay attention to everything. Not only on the technical condition and operability of the key elements of the device, but the presence of all that is provided for in the rules: first aid kit, warning triangle, fire extinguisher. If the machine and all documents are in order, you will be given a license plate and can drive safely.
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When buying a used vehicle if the seller and the buyer live in the same region, it can move from the old owner to the new, along with the available rooms.
In most offices, traffic police and the state banks there is a lunch break. Most often, it lasts from 14 to 15 hours.
Useful advice
Come to the office as early as possible to cope with the whole process of setting motorcycle on the account in one day.
Try to schedule your visit to the Department on a weekday.
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