Advice 1: How to calculate compensation

Currently, the compensation of citizens of the Russian Federation on deposits of the savings Bank are paid in accordance with the latest revision of RF Government Decree No. 1092 of 28 December 201. Please check the list of categories of citizens, given below, on deposits subject to compensation in a given period of time. Calculated using formulas and coefficients, as well as the necessary information for the contribution and the recipient, you can calculate the amount of compensation payable to you for payment.
You will need
  • • Information about the balance of the savings book with a Deposit opened in Sberbank before 20 June 1991.
  • • The calculation formula and coefficients
  • • Information on the status of the contribution previously received compensation for the contribution.
  • • Information about the age and nationality of the recipient of compensation.
The right to receive compensation for deposits in 2011 have:
• Citizens of the Russian Federation until 1991 birth inclusive, and to their heirs born in 1991.
• The depositor's heirs or persons who have carried out payment of ritual services, if the death of the depositor came in 2001-2010 the Basic amount by which the accrued compensation is the remainder of the Deposit on June 20, 1991, the Calculation is made on the basis of the so-called face value of banknotes in 1991, i.e. 1 rouble 1991 is equal in value to 1 ruble of the current period.
The accrual of compensation on deposits occurs in the following sizes:
Citizens of the Russian Federation until 1945 year of birth inclusive of the compensation paid triple the amount of the remainder of the Deposit.
Citizens of the Russian Federation 1946 – 1991 of a birth inclusive of the compensation paid to double the size of the remainder of the Deposit on 20 Jun 1991.
Also, for calculation of compensation are subject to a number of factors:Inputs, current time, and the contributions closed during the period 1996 – 2011 - 1
The contributions operating in 1992 – 1994 and closed in 1995 - 0,9
The contributions operating in 1992 – 1993 and closed in 1994 - 0,8
The contributions operating in 1992 and closed in 1993 0,7
The contributions closed in 1992 - 0,6 Deposits closed for the period from 20 June 1991 to 31 December 1991 are not kompensiruet in the period of validity of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1092.
To calculate the final amount of compensation should have information on compensation received in previous years. Amounts deducted from the previous amount of compensation.
In the final formula for calculation of compensation in the triple size as follows (see image):
How to calculate <strong>compensation</strong>
To calculate payment double digit "3" in the formula is changed to "2". Note that the heirs of the depositors compensation is calculated based on the age of the contributor, and heir to the contribution. Moreover, the heirs at the time of receipt of the payment must also be citizens of the Russian Federation as the contribution of the testator at the time of death. The heirs should have the document for the right of inheritance of the Deposit.

Advice 2: How to calculate compensation for unused vacation

Labour law every employee working under an employment contract, is entitled to annual paid vacation of at least 28 calendar days. For unused vacation for operational reasons and a dismissal of the employee is calculated and paid monetary compensation.
Compensation for unused vacation is calculated based on the average earnings for the 12 months that have been worked out before the settlement period. If the employee did not use vacation for the previous years, the average-earnings calculation is made not for the years of unused vacation, and for the last year, even if you were previously lower wages.
The settlement amount includes all the funds that were withheld and paid insurance contributions and taxes. The amount received in social benefits, are not taken into account. You need the entire earned amount for the 12 months that have been worked out before the calculation, to fold and divide by 365. The resulting figure is multiplied by the number of days that must be paid for unused days of vacation.
An employee who has not worked for 12 months, must calculate and pay compensation for unused leave for time actually worked. For spent the days in the month, which is more than 15 paid the amount of compensation for the entire month, at least 15 days in a month – the period for the payment of compensation is not considered.
You need to divide 28 by 12, you get the amount that is paid in one month, that is, of 2.33. Average earnings is calculated from the actual money earned. The amount received in social security benefits in calculating total earnings are not taken into account, and to share the need for the number of calendar days in the calculation period.
For more information on compensation payments can be obtained by calling the information service of Sberbank of Russia 8 800 555 55 50.
Useful advice
On the official website of Sberbank of Russia opened an online service Calculator calculate compensation for Sberbank Calculator calculation of compensation." It is possible to get the link When all fields are filled correctly, the calculator instantly calculates the amount of compensation.
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