Advice 1: How to make your skin darker

You need to look more tanned, how to highlight your tan and make it as attractive as possible and rich? There are several ways and tricks by which your tan will be beautiful, noticeable and intense.
First, if you visit the Solarium (although this also applies to "natural" sunbathing, then you definitely don't want to sunbathe with fanaticism, immediately and permanently exposing your body to sunlight. Because in order to get a beautiful and rich tan, it is important for a long time, and the correct approach: you should start with a very small time, which is gradually increased. Thus the skin is not peeling off, not fired and not too dry, but gradually darkens and eventually becomes a beautiful and rich shade.
One of the very common mistakes in the pursuit of a dark and rich tan - a rejection of protective equipment with UV filters. In fact, it is fundamentally wrong, as protecting skin from drying and burning is extremely important. Persistent can only be a gradual tan, so you have to pay attention to protective lotions and creams with your you factor.
To highlight tanned face, you should use powders and aliterate with reflective particles. Perfect powder from the balls of different colors, from pastel beige to bronze-brown, with which you can create amazing shades and different to highlight my cheekbones.
If you want to seem more dark and ashamed of their own pale, then try not to choose dark shades of hair. Light natural hair allow you to focus on even just a little bit tanned skin.
Pastel colors in clothing also able to help the tan become more visible and explicit. White, beige, ivory - choose clothes these delicate shades, and your skin will look a lot darker. Surprisingly, a similar rule works with black color - it perfectly highlights the tan, however, the skin should already be pretty dark.
As for the lotions, that emphasize the tan helps those that contain in its composition reflective particles. Skin after their application, looks smooth, beautiful and dark-skinned.

Advice 2: Is it possible to do a tattoo on tanned skin

The tattoo is a picture that a craftsman applies on the skin using a special indelible inks and tattoo machines. The quality of the tattoo depends on the skill of the master, preparing for the procedure, quality consumables and equipment, as well as the color of the skin. While some people are interested whether it is possible to do a tattoo on a tanned skin?


Before the procedure the client selects a figure, from which the master doing a sketch and places it on the skin of the client using a conventional helium pens and special transfer paper. If the skin in the place of the tattoo is covered with hair, they must be removed. After placing the preliminary drawings, master disinfects the skin with antiseptic and, if necessary, causes the area to be treated anesthetic gel or spray that will reduce the discomfort from the process.

If the client is unable to decide on a tattoo, he can create it from scratch together with the master, because all tattooists are great artists.

Caps for ink and needles to machines tattoo artists are required to use disposable, but also be sure to wear sterile medical gloves. Transferring the pattern on the skin, the master begins to work electric clippers, a needle which pierces the skin very quick point shots and leaves under the skin of a small amount of paint. The procedure is moderately painful, it all depends on where you do it. Hardest to put the tattoo on the bone: the spine, elbows, knees, sacrum.

Tattoo and tanned skin

The wizard is not recommended to get tattoo on very tanned skin for quite trivial reasons – painting on a dark skin tone may simply be poorly marked. If the client insists on the tattoo, it is advisable to choose for her bright colors and the ink is of good quality, because poor quality paint quickly fades and the tattoo will be virtually invisible, like a dirty stain on the surface of the skin. Also, tanned people better to give preference to the traditional and ornamental tattoos with clear contours.

Dark-skinned clients, dreaming of a tattoo, it is not recommended to do tattoos in the style of "realism".

In the presence of tanned or very dark skin to do the tattoo with the most contrasting shades which will be noticeable on tanned people. However, in most cases, the tattoo artist I suggest you abandon the picture, not to spoil his reputation and the skin of the client. After applying the tattoo need to hide it from direct sunlight, so black ink is not heated and does not spoil the quality of image. Best tattoo to do in the period from mid-autumn until early spring.
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