Daily Liturgy for commemorate the particle is removed from the wafers and immersed in a Bowl of Holy Mysteries (Body and Blood of Christ). It is believed that this kind of sacrifice from the believer, for whom the grace and thus he receives grace, sanctification, and the remission of sins. There is a Church rule to do the commemoration of the dead during forty days. Such prayers help the deceased by the power of God to defeat the temptations of the devil and to the Kingdom of heaven. You can also submit a note on the prayers for the dead with names of the living. Thus it is necessary to ask the Lord for health, meaning by this word not only physical health and strength, but also grace, enlightenment of the soul, prosperity in worldly Affairs and spiritual guidance.

Some believe that if a book prayers for the dead "about health" in three churches – you can save people from the evil eye and spoilage. However, there are strict rules, which require compliance by the Holy Church. Not per person you can take the note c lasting period petition for remembrance in the Liturgy.

  1. It is impossible to submit notes about the deceased, if he had not been churching died without repentance, or has not been the funeral of his soul. The same applies to unbaptized (both living and deceased).

  2. Not commemorated in the Liturgy suicide, and others who have committed mortal sin.

  3. Will not accept a petition for prayer for the cultists, heretics, infidels, schismatics and blasphemers to the conscious, whose enmity to God was clearly witnessed.

  4. In some churches and monasteries do not accept a petition for prayer for the parishioners of different Patriarchates, though believers of one denomination.

To order prayers for the dead need to write the names of those who want to ask for prayers and to pass notes on the altar in the Church. Before you can ask questions, answer them is honestly and sincerely, because responsibility before God rests on asking. Even if your petition was rejected prayers for the dead – you can always pray for those who are dear to you, at the prayer service, order a memorial service, or submitted them on the Psalms in monasteries. And, do not forget not only to write the names of loved ones in the temple, but they regularly touch the sacraments of the Church, lead a godly way of life and constantly pray for the forgiveness of sins – and then hand in your endeavors.