Advice 1: How to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

Wrinkles are almost all people, but many young girls and women experience because of their inconvenience. Light wrinkles are the norm, but if they appear even when your face is calm, it's time to think about skin care, to eliminate undesirable wrinkles and prevent them from deepening further. To eliminate the wrinkle between the eyebrows is possible, if the time to take action to smooth the skin.
To get rid of wrinkles between eyebrows can be as an outer method, and injection. Today's skin care clinics offer this purpose Botox injections – a drug that blocks nerve impulses to the facial muscles. In the subcutaneous muscle the drug is administered with a thin needle under local anesthesia. Wrinkles are smoothed out soon, and the effect can stay for six months, after which the injection must be repeated.
Combine tools to eliminate wrinkles, to accelerate the emergence of the result and get the job done efficiently – make special smoothing mask on the area between eyes and eyebrows. Apply on the area of the wrinkles sesame oil and keep it on for an hour, then wipe with a dry cloth.
Prepare a honey mask, mix 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, 2 tablespoons of water and 100 grams of honey. Apply the mask to the area of wrinkles for 10 minutes, then rinse.
Chamomile flowers have a healing effect on the skin – wash your face with fresh decoction of chamomile and apply on the face mask from fresh strawberries mixed with vegetable oil, a teaspoon of honey and chamomile. After a 20 minute soak in milk to a cotton pad and remove the mask from the face.
For eliminating wrinkles is not enough just to apply masks and beauty products – you need to do special exercises to strengthen facial muscles. Parallel to the eyes, place two fingers on the wrinkles between the eyebrows and frown. Repeat this exercise 50 times, 5 times a day.
Try looking in the mirror, open your eyes gradually, for five accounts, and did not raise this eyebrow. This will help to strengthen the eye muscles and also to tighten the skin around the eyes.
Regularly perform these exercises and it will help prevent the appearance of new facial muscles. Protect your skin from the intense sunlight, wear sunglasses and wear a hat if you are in the sun.
Drink at least a liter of water a day, replenish the supply of water in the body and not obezvozhivani. In addition, you can exclude from your life Smoking and alcohol is harmful substances do not contribute to the improvement of the skin.

Advice 2: How to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

Frown wrinkles are among the facial, are the result of excessive emotionality, so they can appear on the face at a fairly young age. The person who often is in a state of frustration, anxiety and discontent are unlikely to avoid wrinkles between the eyebrows. Start to monitor their own facial expressions and begin to fight with glabellar wrinkles at home.
You will need
  • - yeast;
  • - milk (olive oil or hydrogen peroxide);
  • - med;
  • - alcohol;
  • - mineral water;
  • - almond or olive oil.
The most effective and popular method of struggle against mimic and age wrinkles today is Botox injections. Under the action of this drug relaxes the muscles of the face, after the injection not only eliminates wrinkles, but also restores the cells of the epidermis. The effect of such treatments lasts for about six months. But in the pursuit of perfectly equal skin do not forget about their own health, as the procedure has its contraindications. Therefore it is useful to consult a specialist to avoid possible complications.
Homemade yeast mask is rich in b vitamins, it will help straighten the wrinkles between the eyebrows, enhances the metabolic processes and blood circulation, cleans the pores and removes sagging. This mask is recommended for smoothing wrinkles on the skin of any type. Mix fifteen grams of yeast in a little warm milk (for normal skin types, owners of dry skin should use olive oil, ladies with oily skin is better to take hydrogen peroxide 3%). Apply several coats of the mixture on the problem area, leave on for twenty minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. The rate of suppression of glabellar wrinkles is twenty masks. After that, the wrinkles smoothed, the main thing – to monitor their own facial expressions.
Smoothing effect has a natural homemade face mask based on honey. Melt in a water bath hundred grams of honey (honey when heated, loses its beneficial properties, so be careful that the temperature did not exceed forty degrees), add two tablespoons of alcohol and water. Mix well all ingredients and apply the resulting composition on the area glabellar folds, leave on for ten minutes, wash with cool mineral water. Repeat this procedure every other day.
Do not forget about the massage, which will allow to cope with the wrinkles between the eyebrows. It should perform daily at home and personally. Technique of massage the following: alternately postukivanie the index and middle finger at problem areas along the lines and in the direction of the eyebrows for five minutes. Before that, you can lubricate the skin in the massage warm olive or almond oil. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic, wrinkles are smoothed.
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Try to suppress the expression of emotion on his face. Don't be sad and don't get angry too often, not frown brow. Wrinkles appear during work, driving, daydreaming or playing sports. Going out in the sun, wear sunglasses so you won't squint.
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