Carpets only get outdoors – in the yard. In the summer they do in the dry (and better windless) weather in the winter – in the snow time, when the air temperature is not below 2-4 degrees below zero.
Before the carpet, as it should vacuum it on both sides (from the side of the pile, and the base end) is otherwise during transportation of dust that pours out of the carpet, will spread throughout the house. After cleaning, roll the carpet into a roll with pile inside – it is now ready for removal in the yard.
In order to beat out a carpet, you need to hang it on the ladder (they must be smooth, flat and sufficiently wide, otherwise the carpet may be damaged, or it will have creases). You can also spread a carpet on the plane, napped down.
The carpet beating made on the part of foundations to avoid damage to the pile. This is best done with a special plastic carpet beater – long, soft, with rounded corners. If you don't have a knockout, you can use this as a brush.
Already embossed carpet have to sweep off slightly wet broom or a soft brush – both from the side of the pile, and from the base.