You will need
  • glue, needle, syringe, spatula, sponge
Put the Wallpaper sheet on the wall, take a special spatula for Wallpaper (a lightweight tool with rounded ends to avoid damaging the Wallpaper) and slide a spatula along the first leaf, and then down, to flatten it and release air bubbles. Don't stretch the Wallpaper, just put them on the wall and slightly flatten to the sides. If the Wallpaper to be pulled, after drying they will shrink and the canvas will disperse, forming a slit. You will spend time, and the result of your work will be in a bad mood.
To Wallpaper formed bubbles even if you carefully and neatly do the job. It's not scary, this is the feature of the process. Once the Wallpaper is dry, they will tighten on the wall and the bubbles will disappear by themselves. Follow the recommended suggestions that are attached to each roll of Wallpaper. Do not open Windows in time work. Wallpapers to dry naturally, otherwise they will fall behind the wall. If after the Wallpaper has dried up, they left bubbles, this trouble can be helped.
Puncture bubbles with a needle and smooth with a spatula these places, the air will come out, and the Wallpaper stretched. There is another option to remove the bubbles. Take the syringe and draw in the liquid glue. Gently pierce the paper and run inside the glue. Swipe the spatula on the bubble, distributing the adhesive inside so that it fills the entire space. Squeeze the excess glue on the surface, and remove remnants with a wet sponge.
To remove bubbles, do not cut the fabric, if you are not sure how to behave in Wallpapers after such an operation. You will not be able to glue the ends of the sections again, because of the peculiarities of Wallpapers. Cutting the Wallpaper, you break them coherent coating film and the base, so glue these cross sections extremely difficult. After drying the Wallpaper stretched, and the ends of the slits diverge again, forming the gap. If you apply a special glue to help this trouble, then after the glue dries, it will manifest itself not with the best hand. On the surface of the blade will remain the trace of the glue.