You will need
  • cadastral parcel number, a receipt for payment of registration fee
Find out the cadastral number of the plot of land that you are interested in. If it is located on the territory of a horticultural society, cadastral number can be written in the account book of the Board of the ST. Contact the President of your Association for the appropriate help. However, the data on owner of land to take from them should not be, because not all of the owners with the purchase of the plot say in the ARTICLE about changing the owner.
If interested the site is not located in the gardening Association, but it ever stood a structure, it is enough to know the postal address of this structure. At find in public cadastral map cadastral number of the land plot.
After the identification phase, submit a request to the district on the unified state register about the owner of the property. The request for discharge to land is submitted to the district office regpalaty.
To request attach a copy of the receipt of the paid state duty for the issuing of public information from the register of real estate. Payment details take to the office USRR. Specify in the request your full name and address or cadastral number of interested land plot. If you just identify the area you failed in detail in the request describe his location.
After the five-day period in EGRP you prepare a statement, which will indicate the present owner of the site, and existing restrictions on his right of ownership.