First and foremost you have to be confident. Don't apologize to the girl for taking her phoneand not display the shyness and discomfort. Think ahead about where you will record the room that will give you the girl. Prepare your notebook or mobile phone.
Always demonstrate the seriousness of its intentions, when you take the phone, and then the girl will not be able to refuse you.
Before asking girls room phoneand chat with her for a while. Then you will be able to understand whether it is interesting to you as a person, and whether the prospects of your communication and your relationship. If you do not feel discomfort, take action.
Not mnutes and don't be shy, if a girl is nice to you and knows you well, she will give you the room phoneand the first request. However, the final decision remains behind it.
If you see that she is not ready to give you the number, don't force her to do it. Excessive pressure could scare the girl, and your relationship will deteriorate even more. If you are refused, do not show regret and frustration. The girl must see that the rejection did not affect you, and then it would hurt her.
In the process of further communication, finding the right moment when both of you are passionate about an interesting topic of conversation, and then ask the girls phone. Show a little perseverance and confidence in successful outcome of their actions, but don't be too Intrusive.
Do not bother to the girl and come to the desired issue subtly and thoughtfully. You can also give the girl your phone, offering to call when she wants. Maybe this will help her to relax and she will give you her number.
Offer to arrange the next meeting via phone, and the girl will surely like to meet you if time together gives her pleasure and, in this case, it will immediately give you a number phoneand for communication.