You will need
  • Software Net Stat.
To run this program, click the start menu and select Run. In the window that opens, type netstat with the parameter "/?" (to be entered without the quotation marks). The window will display all the parameters with which it is possible to run this program. Among all these you may need options "-a" (display all connections at the moment) and "-o" to display the identification number used for each connection, called a Process ID). Also it can be interesting option "–n". It instructs the program to show the real IP addresses instead of network aliases.
So, to determine the specific process that is spending network traffic, enter a value: Netstat –ao. Now view the results of our query, find the process ID. Knowing ID, it can be easily calculated. Type the following: tasklist | find "ID number" and press Enter. All of the listed examples, you must remove the quotation marks. In the query tasklist | find quotation marks should not be removed. The result of the work done in the programme of work is to obtain the desired process.
You can not use the tasklist command. Open "task Manager" by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc and navigate to the Processes tab. Click menu "View (View), select "Choose columns" (Select Process Page Columns " and check the box next to "PID". Now in the "task Manager" there was a PID column, in which you can define the name of the process.