Work in the showroom attracts many young men and women of high income, prestige and ability to take advantage of preferential conditions for the purchase of the car. But for the shiny doors show-room is hidden just hard work. Working with people always has a high degree of responsibility. Every customer in the showroom, even if he's buying an Altima in the minimum configuration that feels right and requires personal attention and respect. The logic in this: people come to spend a large sum of money and requires a corresponding attitude. And such clients in a month happens at least 300-500 people. And they are all different and they all want the best machine at the lowest price and a lot of gifts. And the sales Manager needs all of them is to provide to the buyer do not understand where deceived.
Requirements for sales managers simply. The candidate must be presentable appearance, well-groomed appearance, lack of speech defects. The Manager must possess a Suite of office software, 1C accounting, special internal programs. Knowledge of foreign languages will be required when dealing with foreign branch companies. Must be high speed, telephone etiquette, and perfect knowledge of the technical characteristics of sold cars. The seller must be part psychologist. It needs to guess the client's wishes or unobtrusive to translate the customer's attention with one brand of machine to another. And all possible with excellent communication skills.
In the showroom you can get without work experience in the specialty. If you have already managed to try yourself in sales, you can count on desired location. Graduates of technical colleges automotive focus as important in showrooms. For the start you will be attached to an experienced Manager and will make a small salary. All the income of managers is based solely on a percentage of sales. The salary there is purely symbolic.
In the showroom a lot of positions that do not require special training. For girls there is a place in the registration Department, Secretariat, at the reception. Technical center hires plumbers, electricians, technicians. For this work the key is to have experience. For all positions establishes a trial period.
On sites larger car dealerships have a jobs section, where you can watch open for applicants of the position. There you can fill in summary on a form. If within 2 weeks you didn't call back, don't be lazy yourself to call the HR Department and to learn the results. In the salons so staff turnover that Department staff did not bother.
The most effective way is to talk directly into the cabin with the head of Department (nad). You can demonstrate your skills in. If you want to get to the technical center, you will need a production Manager.
Opening new salons often hang on their future stores constriction with information about finding employees. You can leave your request by telephone. But keep in mind, the opening of the salon may take several months.