You will need
  • - stylish jeans;
  • t - shirt or shirt;
  • - blazer;
  • accessories.
Eliminate some garments in which in good club you will not miss. Such garments include sports shoes, running shoes, and in General, clothing designed for sport. In addition, be sure to look neat and clean. On the websites of many of the clubs have information on what they have requirements for visitors to go face control. If you find out information in advance is not obtained for any reason, do not despair. And without it it is possible quite successfully to pick out an outfit, even for the coolest and fashionable night-school.
Please note that sports style is not totally excluded. If you are an adherent of such clothes, you do not denied entry to Nightclubs. You can dress in this style, however, you have to buy clothes and shoes not sports brands and fashion lines.
Start with choice of trousers. One of the safest options to wear trendy jeans. If you want to relax in night clubs, buy a few pairs of fashion in the season of jeans in different shades, not to look always the same. Next, select a beautiful design a t-shirt or fitted shirt that will make your image complete. On top wear a fashionable jacket beautiful color, blending in with other elements of the wardrobe.
Use accessories. It can be a scarf, a nice watch or hat. Choose what suits your mood and nature. Stop your choice on the clothes in which you feel most comfortable with. Still, the club in the first place. If you wear something that never go in real life, you all night will feel not its place, and it is unlikely to bring you pleasure. Remember that not clothes makes the man, but quite the contrary.