In the big cities to find work, of course, easier. Always demanded yesterday's schoolchildren, where we need couriers razvozyaschim ordered items or business documents. This job is convenient because you will not be rigidly tied to the workplace and can emerge when you have free time. On the same principle of presence in the workplace organized and work promoter. But of course the earnings of a person employed on a permanent basis will be much higher than that of someone who participates only in the stock.

Contact your employment office in your area or specialized labor exchange. These organizations accumulate demands of employers, and you will be offered the available jobs.

Today, high school graduates almost everyone is familiar with the computer. Try to get into the organization, which translates his years of documentary archive in electronic form. For example, some time ago, the high school students and those over the age of 17, was invited by organizations such as BTI, to work on the creation of a database available in the settlements of buildings and structures. In such an organization, you can also try to get a job just by the operator.

Youth after school and take a job in food service establishments – posudomoya, cleaners, waitresses. Of course, this work is physically demanding and often it is required to perform in later in the day, that may not suit those who in the morning will need to go to classes at the Institute.

If you are studying, contact the HR departments of those companies that fit the profile you receive education. The law students you can try to get a job in a law office or the courts. You will get an idea about their future profession and, in addition, will be able to take care of the place where will be your production practice.

Always need insurance agents. Call and contact your insurance company. After a few days of training, you will pass the exam and begin working at making policies. In this area you will have real career prospects provided that you will be able to work productively with clients, it turns out far not at all.