You will need
  • - liquid nail Polish remover;
  • - acetone;
  • the pumice stone or sandpaper;
  • soap and hand lotion;
  • - piece of cardboard or heavy white paper;
  • - a cotton swab, a piece of white cotton fabric or unnecessary toothbrush
When getting superglue on your fingers or other parts of the body in any case don't try to tear the vehicle to pieces. This way you not only get rid of the glue and damage your skin. Proceed as carefully as possible.
For a long time and very thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water. The glue off the skin faster if soap you will alternate with hand lotion.
In order to quickly clean the superglue off skin, use a pumice stone or, if the farm was not a small emery paper. Treat it with the contaminated area and rinse your hands with hot water. If the super glue stain has not disappeared completely, repeat the procedure several times.
If during use superglue a few drops of it got on your clothes, wait until completely dry and only then proceed to clean the fabric.
Under stained with glue place the clothes put a piece of cardboard or heavy white paper. This is necessary to ensure that the fabric is not glued to the table or to another surface in the cleaning process. Do not use colored paper and colored cardboard. It is fraught with dyeing fabric in the color "substrate".
Use acetone or any other means, in which it is present, for example, the liquid varnish remover. Before you start cleaning check, do not spoil your chosen tool fabric. To do this, sprinkle it on the inner seam of the product and observe the reaction. If anything with the fabric will not occur, start to remove it from the superglue.
Soak in acetone cotton swab, a piece of white cotton fabric or unwanted toothbrush and process until the stain until it disappears. Be prepared for the fact that this procedure will take you quite a long time.
If treatment with acetone thing can not be after 3-4 days after the appearance of spots of superglue when his "death grip" will drop slightly, soften fabric with light hammer blows and carefully wash the thing in soapy hot water.