You will need
  • database of stolen phones.
Buying a mobile phone owner, you should realize its real value. If an expensive phone is sold at a low price and thus has no obvious defects, then the probability that it is stolen, is sufficiently large. This is especially true in case if the phones are sold without papers and charger.
Do not buy phones from questionable entities. Try to understand what kind of person offers you the cell phone rate, cause if his appearance and demeanor trust. If the cell phone you like, agree to buy, but under one condition – the seller will give you to rewrite the data of his passport. Boldly explain this requirement by fear to buy a stolen item. Respectable people who urgently need to sell the phone, agree to such terms. You can just take a photo of the first page of his passport own phone.
On the Internet there are many sites with databases of stolen phones. Invite the seller to walk to the nearest Internet café and check the mobile phone databases. To check you will need the identification code of the phone IMEI. To see it, turn the phone on and dial *#06#.
You should know that the test database is not too effective, since not all of the owners of stolen phones making identification code in the database. However, mention the possibility of validation is very useful. Look at the reaction of the seller – if he refuses to carry out an inspection, the purchase should be abandoned.
Don't forget that to purchase a stolen item, sometimes it is possible not only with hands, but in the small shops selling used cell phones. Some shop owners turning a blind eye to the origin of the phone and not ask too many questions, and at times cooperate with pickpockets. The adoption of the phone on sale in this case, the fictitious or a false passport. Buying a used phone in a small shop, just in case, get a receipt.