You will need
  • - tutorial;
  • - Internet;
  • - friends from Ukraine;
  • - notebook;
  • dictionary;
  • movies and songs in Ukrainian.
Listen to the songs in the Ukrainian language. Organize the player in the special playlist that include constantly. Find the texts of these songs on the Internet and their translation. Language learning through music is very effective and will help you quickly learn Ukrainian pronunciation.
Find out from friends/acquaintances does not own any of them in the Ukrainian language. If Yes, ask to explain the basic rules of grammar, as well as demonstrate to have learned the pronunciation. Let the person speak the language, I will correct you where needed.
Stop movies in Russian. Find interesting TV shows for you with Ukrainian translation. Previously viewed series examine anew, in a new language. Already having an idea of what was going on, you will be able to compare actions and words denoting them.
Find the First national channel of Ukraine if you have installed the package of NTV+. Many programs on it are in Ukrainian. This way you will be able to immerse themselves in the world of the target language. And learn to use language in such modern words and expressions.
Read the online edition in Ukrainian. Today do not have to be a resident of the country of the target language to browse their local newspaper. For example, much information can be found on the website Reading Newspapers will help you quickly learn Ukrainian, well adding to your vocabulary.
Do not try to delve into grammar rules. For quick language learning the most important to gain a good vocabulary. So learning has become an interesting process, try to move away from traditional forms. Don't just write the words in two columns. Be sure to study them in context, in sentences and phrases. This way you organize yourself a good Luggage usable phrases.
Language learning is an important system approach. If you have a need to quickly learn Ukrainian, engage them daily. It is best to set aside time before bedtime: while you relax, the brain will process the information received and put it "on the shelves".