You will need
  • - a completed applicant questionnaire;
  • - literature on HR management.
Review the summary provided by the applicant. Specify the points that interest you the most, even before the appointment. When the man comes to the office, give him a questionnaire which you must fill in to continue your communication. The form should stand as General questions (for example, the data of the applicant) and industry-specific provisions relating to the proposed positions.
Before you invite someone to the office for communication, take away his previously issued application form. Read it, underline those aspects that want to pay particular attention to the conversation.
In the analysis of the questionnaire, note the form filling candidate. This point reflects lichnostno-psychological qualities of a person. For example, look at the handwriting. Large, well understood the letters, according to psychologists, reflects the open personality, the so-called "soul wide open". Small letters – a lot of people prefer to keep to themselves, secretive enough.
In the analysis of the questionnaire is important and the overall tilt of the text. If it "creeps" up, the candidate is in good spirits, seeks to the specified position and confident. If the text gradually "flows" down, perhaps the man is not particularly comfortable in this place, the mood is not very good and the desire to obtain the position is not high.
In the case of "smoothly rolling down the text" do not hurry to refuse the candidate. Be sure to analyze his answers to the post questions. For example, if you need a punctual person, please note the filling in of items "date of the appointment and dismissal". In the case of clearly marked numbers, we can conclude that the candidate is well-versed in time, watching it, seeks time to perform all the necessary actions. If the dates are not to be indicated, that person may be lost not only in dates, but in hours or minutes. Medium variant manifestations of punctuality: partially completed graphs. The farther away the event in time, the less accuracy provides.
To perform care is possible subject to the availability of the questionnaire difficult questions. Any unusual man of forms, the gradation of qualities, moments of "smallest to largest" and Vice versa, are filled out properly characterize attentive candidate.
An important aspect when working in a team is the conflict of the applicant or its absence. In the analysis of this point will note the degree of pressure of the person by writing as well as the quality of the writing of negative responses. The larger and clearer the written word "no", compared to other words, the higher the level of conflict of this candidate.