You will need
  • cover for canes;
  • special skin nutrients for cane.
A solid book on etiquette published in the second half of the XIX century, very strictly warned the gentlemen about not waving his cane in the street, and to wear her armpit, so you do not accidentally hurt the person passing by or not to hit someone in the eye. Was indecent and the use of the cane misused during a visit to the museums – for example, instead of pointers in the discussion of the merits or defects of the paintings. Some of these tips can be considered relevant in modern society.
When making a visit to an unfamiliar house of a gentleman, rules of etiquette, had to leave the cane in the hallway, into the living room he entered, holding his gloves and hat. The host or hostess asked him to put aside his hat, agreeing to hold a guest night. When applying the familiar visits the actions of the guest was less formal in the hallway were left not only his coat and cane, but a hat with gloves. The owners of the house, in turn, was obliged to follow that their children did not allow myself to play with sticks or other things of comfort. Currently, these ceremonies lost their importance, but the cane, in some cases, it really is better to leave somewhere in the hallway, for example, a box for umbrellas or hanging on a hook for coats.
The same reference books on etiquette have established the rule according to which the gentleman, seeing from afar the acquaintance or about to enter the room to the guests, had to hold the cane in your left hand, to right free for handshakes. This rule is quite applicable to modern society.
When walking with a lady a gentleman had to keep the cane in the hand that is located on the external side of the traveler. Otherwise, accidentally omitting this accessory at the end of the long dresses companion, he ventured to leave her without him. In the modern world women do not wear outfits such length, but, nevertheless, if you hold up your friend or just going around, the cane is better to use subject to the rules of etiquette of the nineteenth century.
In that case, if you need to free hand to commit any act (with someone to say Hello, get a purse, apply the money to the seller, etc.), a reed knob is hung on the wrist.
Ensure that the cane you have growth, otherwise you risk to earn curvature of the spine. By relying on it, your shoulder should not fall or rise, it should be in equal positions. Handle of a cane should not create load on the wrist joint.
If you have health problems, and carrying canes shown to you for medical reasons, should wear it on the opposite side of the affected limb, in this case, the load will be distributed evenly.