You will need
  • - list of students;
  • paper;
  • printer;
  • - funny stickers with emoticons;
  • - colored markers.
Make a schedule for the required class. When creating a focus on personal desires guys. Of course, the duty in a couple of "boy-girl" seems more correct: he wears heavy buckets, she teaches him right out. But in fact there are numerous cases where the whole work on cleaning falls only on the shoulders of girls. Therefore, it is possible, listen carefully to the wishes of the students.
Make a "net duty". Top write the date, avoiding weekends and holidays. The left column, write all the pairs/triples on duty guys. Do it on computer or write by hand. At the intersection of dates and names paint cleaning days. Thus, the location of days out on the diagonal.
When making a duty roster on the computer, use different images to decorate it. It can be as small images with buckets, mops or rags, and the faces with pictures of the students (instead of names). Create the graph "on Duty", where you specify all the necessary features for cleaning.
Trust the guys making the schedule of duties for their taste. For example, declare a contest for the best schedule. The election of the first places guide with open or secret voting.
Purchase stickers with the image of smiles – "smiles". Check each day to see the cleaning of the previous duty. If everything is in order, stick to their date "smiley". If the cleaning result does not satisfy you, use a sticker, but "upside down". This design of the shift roster will not only have fun but will also help children to take more responsibility for cleaning the class.