If the due date has already come, and they don't come, try to use folk remedies. For instance, start eating dates which contain substances similar to oxytocin that triggers labor. Can also help a small dose of castor oil, about 30 ml. However, note that this method can cause quite severe indigestion.
Try to be physically active to the extent in which you are comfortable. Such simple actions as walking, can promote the adoption of a child the correct position for childbirth. On the contrary, unnecessary bed rest can slow down the lowering of the baby's head in the pelvis.
In the case where you already were post-term pregnancy, start preventing such a situation in advance. For example, to facilitate the preparation of the uterus for childbirth can taking the capsules with primrose oil. Them you have to write the doctor to determine the dosage. It is usually 1 tablet a day since the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy may increase the dose to three pills. Also, the doctor may recommend a special candle, for example, "Buscopan" that can be applied from the 38th week.
Don't worry if the doctor finds the situation normal. Not every prolonged pregnancy is post-term. If the doctor observes a decreasing amount of amniotic fluid and other hazardous characteristics, you can wait until the start of natural labor.
The ineffectiveness of the medicines and folk remedies the doctor may decide to induce labor by injection of oxytocin or even schedule a C-section. In this case, you should rely on the authority of official medicine. If you still doubt the decision of your doctor you can go to another for diagnosis and measures to accelerate delivery.