If the donee attempted to take the life or health of the donor or his close relatives, or intentionally caused harm to the health of the donor. In this case, the heirs can through the court to demand the annulment of the contract of donation apartment.
If done carelessly, casually refers to the apartment to cancel the deed, you must provide the evidence in court.
The gift agreement will lapse if the donor survives the donee. This rule can be spelled out in the agreement on the donation, otherwise the apartment will be transferred by inheritance.
If worse health or property and marital status of the giver, then he is entitled to demand cancellation of the contract of donation.
Since the donation contract is by mutual consent of the parties, the donee may renounce it at any time before the transfer of the gift. The contract will be terminated.
On the initiative of state bodies, the gift contract can be cancelled or declared void. This requires the decision of the court made on General grounds of invalidation.
The donor may request the donee to compensate the real damage caused by refusal to accept the gift. For example, to reimburse the costs associated with making a donation.