Will draw up a contract with an educational institution representing the trainee. According to him from the employer is required to create the necessary conditions for practical training of the student and ensure his workplace.
Conclude an employment contract with the trainee. The standard of education there are two types of practice: educational and industrial. Teaching practice usually does not require registration of the student in the working position, and the conclusion of the contract it is not necessary. But the work corresponding to the characteristics received by the student of the specialty, provides for the adoption of it in state (if there is a vacancy) with the conclusion of fixed-term employment contract. For trainee, have never worked, you need to have a work book and take the number of his certificate of pension insurance.
Release order of enrolment of the student on industrial practice, where you must specify the practice, its timing, leaders. In this case, the employment function of a student is not officially imposed, and its job is to execute simple tasks to get acquainted with the production process.
Please note that students have the right to practice at their main work. Thus it is necessary to consider the specialty that was studied or the student is enrolled, and his position. From the trainee required to provide their Dean's office of the document that is proof that he interned at the place of work.
Give the student characteristics at the end of practice, where you specify the name of the responsible organization, start and end date of practice, types of work performed, information on standards, reviews and recommendations on assignment of a particular skill category.