In order to return the stolen phone, remember, first, what amount of money have remained on the balance and not whether you are connected to postplea rate. If you have a lot of money or do you use rate in fact calls, be sure to lock the SIM card with the possibility of further recovery. If you are not afraid of future debts or losses of money, leave the SIM card active. In this case, the attacker can use the phone and make calls, then law enforcement will be easier to calculate it.
Before you go to the police, determine the IMEI. To do this, review the documents. Typically, cellular carriers offer immediately after purchase to gain standard combination *#06# to display your phone IMEI code. If you have not used this service, look at the packaging from the machine. There you will find a sticker with bar code and IMEI code.
Contact the nearest service center serving your mobile operator and give them this passport, if the SIM card of stolen phone is registered to you. Ask the employee to make a printout of calls, starting from the date when it was lost the camera. Pay a certain amount of money for printing and go to the police station.
The police write a statement that you stole the phone. Since the form of such application is free, enter your details – full name, residential address and telephone number and then the data on the phone – code and IMEI information from the phone records. Remember to ask the police to give a search on the IMEI number of the mobile phone company. Then periodically call to the police station and learn about the results that your business is not forgotten.