You will need
  • Drawing paper, balloons, gifts.
To celebrate this holiday together with your colleagues – what could be nicer. To do this, first and foremost, take care of the table. Agree with the team what will you bring to the table what drinks will be on it. You will be limited to tea or maybe something hotter. Cook meals at home and bring with you or make a snack before the holiday the whole team will have to determine this.
Come up with a design for the space, which will host the occasion. You can decorate it with balloons and posters with congratulations. Original greetings try to write independently, using his mastery of language and words. If the head did not come – please refer to the world wide web.
Prepare an oral greeting to their colleagues. It will form to you. It can be poems, limericks, song, scene. In your speech, you can laugh on the pressing problems of his profession, original to emphasize the importance of his work for the whole country to laugh at the habits of colleagues, and more.
Prepare substantial gifts to may 25. It can be the gift for personal use or cute Souvenirs – pens, netsuke, glass figurines, etc. Gifts you can make with your own hands – home-made cards with individual funny wishes, figures from paper (origami), etc. are Well suited as token books, but not on serious topics.
A holiday can be celebrated in nature podhodite in advance of the weather, check the forecast online or on TV. Agree on a meeting place and venue for a picnic. Bring food, cloth, garbage bags, matches, knives. If there is anyone guitar – then you will catch it.
At home can hold a dinner party in any style, for example, following the Russian tradition of the nineteenth century. This should amuse your colleagues.