Some Pets moult almost all year round, but in spring, this process is still in most cases escalates. What you need to do masters?
избавиться от сильной линьки у кошек
It is important to understand properly the process of shedding: will not go if the wool tufts, i.e. too abundant, do not tangle, does not tarnish (which may indicate lack of vitamins). Other symptoms of vitamin deficiency – dry skin, cracks in the corners of the mouth, problem with digestion. For the prevention of vitamin deficiency in the diet of your pet should be vitamins and minerals. Consult with a specialist.
If you feed your dog or cat natural products, you need to give a special medication for one month and then take a break for two weeks. If you give them commercial feed, special vitamin and mineral supplements are not needed (if an animal feels well).
как избавиться от разводов на ламинате при влажной уборки
It is important to care for the coat of your pet on brushing it with a special brush or comb often. This must be done carefully, making the process in affection to the animal used and did not resist, otherwise it will be aggressively active. It is well accustomed to brushing from childhood. Dogs usually tolerate this procedure easier, but cats can be choosy.
что делать чтобы у кошки не лезла шерсть
To understand if the molt, you can just gently pull the hair and look is too much wool you have in hand. The most abundant moulting usually takes place in the first week, so it's time to brush your pet better every day. It helps to get rid of dead fur and prevent mats. Under natural conditions, the animals get rid of dead hair with the help of natural "combs" – the bushes, often tree branches, etc., and in the home, this care should be provided by the hosts. If you follow these simple rules, the shedding process will be less painful for home owners.
витамины давать кошке