The hookah consists of a top, the bulb and hose. Sometimes the kit includes ball valve, which removes the excess smoke. The main thing to look for when buying a hookah – tightness of all the parts.
For waterpipe Smoking uses a special tobacco which is filtered, cooled and the smoke poured into the flask with water. Harmful impurities are partially soluble in water, and partly congenerous on the inner surface of the hose.
It is very important to properly prepare a hookah for use. For starters, go through tobacco intended for Smoking, leave only the leaves. The largest tear. Put the tobacco in the bowl (Chillum), not primina and not tamping the sheets. Place them freely. Leave to the edge of the bowl at least five millimeters, and the top cover with foil. Make sure that the foil is not in contact with the tobacco (to avoid burning). Thick foil can be placed in one layer, and thin need to be put into two or three. Then punch holes across the surface of the foil. Make it convenient with a needle or pin.
Fill the flask with cold water so that the tube was immersed in her two inches taller. If you pour less water, filtration of tobacco is insufficient, and if more – it will become difficult to inhale the smoke. If you place the flask in a little ice, it will make the Smoking process more pleasant. For more smoke flavor, add in a little flask of wine. But it is not recommended to use hard liquor (whiskey, brandy, absinthe). The result of Smoking in this case will be unpredictable. You can add a few drops of fruit juices and essences (orange, lemon, pineapple, etc.). The main thing is to combine tobacco with juice. For example, if you're going to smoke tobacco pink, add the water five or six drops of "Bulgarian Rose".
Kindle the coal. Wait until it heated up to red, and place on foil. If you are using charcoal, preheat it first on the stove, from the flame of a candle or lighter. Readiness of coal is determined by the redness (it should cover at least 30% of the area). If you use bystrorazvivajushchijsja coal, take the tablet with tongs and light it. Wait until the coal begins to spark, and place it on the foil. In a few minutes you can begin puffing hookah.
The process of hookah Smoking and cigarettes are similar, but there are differences. Main – strength and duration of inhalation. During hookah Smoking they are much more intense. The smoke is not swallowed, and typed in his mouth. Excess smoke to be released and then take a puff.
Smoke hookah after a meal. Easier to do it sitting or reclining on a small hill (sofa, cushion, Ottoman). The hookah should stand on the floor or a low table. Do not use while Smoking alcohol. Ideally combined with hookah green tea, hibiscus and juicy fruit (peaches, bananas, apricots).