You will need
  • literature;
  • computer.
Set yourself up for what you have each day to work on his degree that he was ready for the end of the week. Set a goal for each day and in no case do not deviate from the plan. The only way you will be able to deliver work on time.
Make the content of their final qualification work. It should serve you the same plan on which you should focus when writing a diploma and planning the time.
Scroll to writing the introduction and conclusion in one day. These pieces are basic, so they should be given more time. You can do it at the last turn, when the study will be conducted. So you can quickly finish the job. For each Chapter take 1.5-2 days depending on their content. If your diploma will have two chapters (overview-theoretical and practical), then you'll have time to meet in one week.
Specify the topic and start searching for literature on which you rely when writing a review, a theoretical Chapter. This way you will be able to simultaneously gather information on the relevance of your topic and the degree of its development, and compile a list of references. Working with sources, highlight marker or bookmark points that may be useful to you at work. Even if at the moment this information is of minor importance, think, perhaps, it will be useful when writing the following paragraph. During the search for information immediately bring her in prom the data in the list of references. This will allow you to save time on design work.
Start writing the main part of the diploma. When writing the first Chapter, you will need the information found in the literature and Internet sources. Try to outline the main its meaning. Remember that your work should be more analytical than descriptive. The second Chapter should be based on your conducted research. Here write about their results and analyze them.
Complete the application needed for opening theme and demonstration of various tables, analyses, etc.