The way to remove details of a particular journal depends on what browser you use, but the principle of action are very similar. To clear the history in Internet Explorer, run it and click on the toolbar icon in the form of an asterisk ("starred").
In the dialog box, click the tab "Log". You will see a list of time intervals for which you can view or delete history. Move the cursor to one of the items in the log, click the right mouse button and select the context menu Delete command. The browser will notify you in a separate window that you are going to delete the history for the selected period. Confirm your action in the query window, clicking on the "Yes"button.
If you need to clear the entire log, and not the history for a specific period, select the menu "Tools" the item "Delete browsing history". This will open a new dialog box. Mark it with a marker item "History". If necessary, can also delete temporary files, passwords, and so on. Click on the "Delete" button and confirm the action in the query window. The log will be cleared.
To delete activity history from Mozilla Firefox, in the top menu bar, select "Log" and the command "Show all history". This will open a new dialog box. It contains a list of visited resources for a specific period of time. Remove them the same way as in IE. Only remember that in Firefox to confirm the Delete command is not required, be careful not to erase the data you want.
To clear the entire log, and (if necessary) cookies, form history search information about active sessions, etc., in the top menu bar select "Tools" and "clear recent history". In the dialog box, select the marker all the things that you want to delete, and click "Clear now". Confirm their action is not required.