The transfer of the shares in the apartment by the contract of donation is very popular form of transaction. In fact, the property transfer occurs on a scheme – by and large it doesn't matter if you transfer all or part of the housing as a whole. In both cases, a donation contract. Only when planning, don't forget to specify that you are giving the recipient not the whole apartment or house, but only a part.
You have full right to dispose of property solely at your discretion. So you can give one room in the house and ½ and even ¼ of the room. In this case the contract may stipulate a specific room or just a part of any of the available, without specific instructions (of course, I mean only living space).
If you do not have a legal education, for help in drawing up a contract of donation it is better to contact a qualified technician. Experts will tell you what documents you will need to cook will help them to collect and offer to discuss the details of the design.
Decided to do it on your own? You will have significantly to be okay. Contact the local branch of the Registration chamber – there you will be given a standard application form on the donation of shares in the apartment, which you fill yourself. It must be accompanied by:

1) written contract.
2) Passport and copies of them notarized, the donor and the donee.
3) Receipt confirming your payment of the statutory state tax. To pay it in a payment terminal or any branch of Sberbank of Russia. The fee is determined by the Tax code of the Russian Federation.
4) the Original of the house register and a statement from her received in the passport office.
5) a Contract of sale where you purchased the housing and a certificate directly to your right of ownership to it.