If you are working in Internet Explorer, select the tab called "view" then "page source". To view in the browser code, go to menu "tools" and then "developer tools", click on arrow, scroll to the desired element on the page. Encrypted developer code will appear. Click on the icon, save the code in text format and copy of its components to html.
In Mozilla Firefox the code can also be found just. Type the command "Ctrl+U". Also, go to "tools" substring press the "view source code". Install the extension Web Developer,select the menu "code" the string "generated code". At the bottom of the page shows the source code. Save with the extension page.htm or copy the file to the clipboard.
Google Chrome browser where to find the code even simpler. Right-click on the page, a window will appear. Select "View page code", the source code will open in a separate tab. In addition, in the same menu can click the "inspect element" and then the browser in the same tab will open two frames where you can see the HTML and CSS code of each element of the page. The browser will respond to the movement of the cursor on lines of source code, highlighting the elements that correspond to this section of the HTML code.
Find the code in the Opera browser in the following way. In the menu "view" select "development tools", and "page source", you can also dial the combination "Ctrl+U".
Wanting to find the source of the page in the browser Apple Safari, click "view" in which you hit the string "View source", then click the right mouse button and open the substring "view source". You can also dial the combination "Ctrl+Alt+U". The code will open in a separate window.