You will need
  • - Windows Sidebar.
If Windows 7 or Linux gadgets installed by default, to display them in Windows XP, you must install a special application – Windows sidebar Sidebar. This program is completely free to download on the Internet. Download and run the setup file, after installation reboot computer.
After a reboot you need to install a sidebar on your desktop, to do this, open "start" - "All programs" - folder Windows Sidebar shortcut Windows program Sidebar. In the right part of the desktop side panel appears with the standard gadgets. You can delete, move, resize.
To add gadgets on your desktop, click on the plus in the top of the sidebar. Opens a window where you can view participants in the program and gadgets to select from. To remove a gadget, move the cursor, then click on the close icon.
In the Internet you can find many different gadgets. To add them to already existing in the program, the downloaded gadgets put in folder Gadgets. If you have Windows is on drive C, the path would be: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets. In this folder create a folder with the name of the new gadget, the folder name must end in .Gadget. For example, the folder of the gadget of Google search can be called GoogleSearch.Gadget.
As gadgets are usually downloaded in a zip file, the archive should be unpacked in the folder you created. After the reboot, the new gadget will appear in the list. You can do without rebooting, you just have to restart the sidebar. To do this, open "start" - "All programs" - "Windows Sidebar" - "Reset panel".
Don't forget that gadgets consume much of PC resources, therefore it is better to put only the ones you really need. It is also important to configure them correctly. For example, in the analog (dial) watch is better to remove the display of the seconds hand, in this case, the gadget will be much more economical. On powerful computers this does not play a role, but the weak can have a noticeable impact on system speed.