Lemonade is usually bottled in plastic and glass bottles from 0.33 to 2 liters, which is hermetically closed tubes. It is necessary for the preservation of beverage, protecting it from contamination, oxidation and contamination by microorganisms and for convenience during transport. The original tubes are a kind of protection against counterfeiting. In addition, plastic and crown caps have high reliability, which complicates the opening of the bottle.
Depending on the type of tube bottle for soft drinks are available in two types: screw (screw) and metal, in the form of a crown with pleated edge, which are called crown caps. Made of plastic and metal screw caps are usually difficulties in opening do not cause. Although there are little tricks. If the tube you can not give in, pry it with something from below. Once inside you penetrate the air, the bottle will open without a problem.
Crown corks uncorked with ease with the help of special bottle openers. They are available in different shapes and versions: manual and automatic, conventional and in the form of gadgets that you can carry.
But there are times when the opener is not at hand. Then come to the aid of "folk" remedies. Craftsmen can open a bottle of lemonade with a key, a wedding ring, a knife or a bottle on the bottle. In this case the "assistant" object, pry up the tube from the bottom, pull it up.
As openers to use an ordinary sheet of paper. Better if the paper is going to be tight. Gently fold the page in half, then in half again and again several times until the sheet turns into a small rectangle with black edges (remember, folding the page to iron the fold line with your fingers). Then pry the cork edge of the folded sheet. If you fail to open the bottle the first time, do not worry, a little patience, and the tube will be.
Opening a glass bottle of lemonade in any way, be careful. One awkward movement, and the neck can break away, hurting you, and the shard could be inside the bottle.