Advice 1: What is frankincense

Frankincense is the dried resin of a small tree of the genus Boswellia carteri, growing on the Arabian Peninsula. During the burning of this resin emits a nice strong smell that was the reason for its use in the administration of the Church's Christian rites. Frankincense in ancient times was used as incense, and the Bible calls among the gifts that the Magi brought the newborn Jesus.

The tree Boswellia carteri listed in the red book – his disappearance, of course, due to the fact that its SAP dries, it becomes precious resin. In February and March, when increases the secretion of the juice, on a tree trunk make the cut, which releases the liquid. It can flow long enough to cover the hardened pieces of the trunk. Then the resin is scraped from the bark and is harvested from the ground, where the dripping juice. It is sorted on the selected conventional incense.

The choicest incense – large solid chunks of resin the size of a plum light yellow or rosavtodora color. Their surface has a waxy luster and is covered with fine incense dust that is produced when they RUB against each other. Frankincense, harvested in different places, differs in color and smell. Pieces it is easily pounded into a powder, for this purpose, a conventional marble mortar.

Powder incense in Ancient Egypt was used as a basis for rejuvenating masks for face. It has long been used in medicine to treat a variety of diseases: rheumatism, colds, skin inflammations and infections of the urinary tract, nervous and stomach disorders. It is believed that it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, can be used as astringent, wound-healing, carminative, expectorant and sedative.

Of incense, by distilling the resin with steam, produce an aromatic oil used in aromatherapy. The oil appears pale yellow or greenish color, it mixes well with other spices: oil of sandalwood, geranium, Mimosa, pine, bergamot and orange. Such compounds are used in cosmetics for making soap, deodorants, and various creams. The smell of incense you can feel in many perfume compositions especially spicy Oriental. Sometimes it can be added to foods and beverages as a flavoring.

Advice 2: How to light incense

Frankincense – one of the oldest spices in the world, having mention in the Bible. In our days it is still used for worship in the Orthodox and Catholic churches, and is widely used in perfumery and aromatherapy. At home incense can be used as incense that creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room and well calming the nervous system. But since it is a tree resin and is sold in the form of solid pieces, people can often be difficult with his incense.
You will need
  • incense, a censer or fire-pan, coal, oil lamp or candle, matches
Frankincense, and other aromatic resin, in itself is not a combustible substance. Therefore, its burning of incense requires an external heat source, under which the incense begins to melt and highlight of fragrant smoke that is smoked.
Traditionally in churches for fumigation of the premises with incense use special vessels, censers. The censor (or as it is also called a censer) is a closed metal container in the shape of an elongated bowl, suspended on chains. In it are placed burning coals, and on them pieces of incense or other aromatic compounds. The smoke goes through the holes in the censer and fumigating the room.
In order to ignite the incense of the house will need a censer, a small brazier or fire-bowl, in which to put the burning coals. You can also use just a metal plate, reinforced over an open flame candles, alcohol burners or lamps. To plate or coals laid out the pieces of incense and heated up to a melting stage. It is important to remember that the less heat, the thinner the aroma of incense.
As fuel for kindling the incense in house conditions it is possible to take pills of charcoal, which they sell in Church shops or stores of esoteric goods. Also suitable charcoal for hookahs. It is also sold in the form of small bars and tablets, which are convenient to use at home. The coal is ignited with ordinary matches. If you have problems, you can apply a special liquid for kindling of coal, which is sold in hardware stores.
Fumigating an apartment or house incense, you need to keep in mind that its heavy flavor at excessive concentrations may cause headache and dizziness. Therefore, lighting the incense in the apartment, take care of good ventilation and do not block vents or window during the whole time of fumigation, so as not to harm the health of people present.
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