To bring from Vologda it is possible, of course, lace: the lace tablecloth, napkin or collar. Because Vologda is the lace capital of Russia. The whole world, she became famous in the hands of its masters. Unique, light as a snowflake, lace, woven from the finest linen threads manually on the bobbins will be a good gift and a wonderful memory of the Northern old Russian town with almost millennial history.

Another thing that is synonymous with the Vologda butter. If you have the opportunity, will certainly get for yourself or as a gift to friends this delicious-tender with a delicate nutty flavor fairing. Moreover, if you return from Vologda no pot of ghee or at least one preform classic Vologda butter – buddies and friends just do not understand you.

If you are going in Vologda oblast, you probably have planned to visit the Great Ustyug. Because to be in those places and not to visit the residence of Santa Claus nepravelno. It is in this small town can bring millions of letters from kids. What to bring from Ustyug? For the tots, glass balls, where even in July the raging snowstorm, but for older ones and for yourself, loved ones, products made of blackened silver.

Vintage Veliky craft decoration black silver items developed in the 17th century. Since then, he gained worldwide fame and is thriving still. Cup holder, elegant silver spoon, cigarette case decorated with niello, will be a great gift-a memory of yourself or a souvenir for someone very close and beloved.

Belozersk, another city in the Vologda region, is the seventh oldest Russian cities, and even mentioned by Nestor in "the Tale of bygone years". Looking for a souvenir for men, be sure to visit the local Museum "Princes hrydnytsya", immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Russia of the epic, ancient powerful. And as a gift and buy a copy of Viking weapons or metal brooch.

Vologda is famous for its birch bark products. And if you are not indifferent to the history of Russia, the subjects had walking among our ancestors, and just love beautiful things, be sure to buy in Vologda crafts made from birch bark. Laced birch bark will make a wonderful souvenir or a wonderful gift for your own home.