The Spa and the swimming season in Gelendzhik lasts from June to October, but in August there are problems with resettlement. All the rest of the landlady are busy looking for tourists. So if you are going for the first time and have no preference, not to book accommodation in advance, and to go and to find housing on arrival in the city.
In this case, you have the opportunity to stroll through the quiet and shady streets, where the announcement of "Rent housing" can be seen in almost every house. Compare the terms and rates, bargain and choose the most suitable option. Already at the entrance to the city, along the road, you will see people sitting next to these ads, they too are engaged in moving resort guests to the private sector.
Note that the house located on the waterfront or even in the quarter from it at night is quite noisy under the Windows will go to the people and heard the music of the coastal zucchini. Select a place away from such establishments – Noumea is small and the sea is even with its suburbs to walk slowly for 15-20 minutes.
When you have got used to plan everything in advance, view the ads on the Internet. It will be useful not only to learn the owner the conditions and cost of living, but also to look at the map, what area is the house and how far it is from the sea. Online and on the city website, you can choose any housing in the private sector, and in a comfortable apartment. The degree of improvement, and provided facilities you can choose according the discerning and the thickness of the purse.
If you like a relaxing holiday, you can rent a house in the suburbs of Noumea – the villages of Divnomorskoye or Gunkote. The sea here is much cleaner than in Gelendzhik Bay, though a little cooler. In addition, there are more private homes, where the evening you can sit in a vine-covered gazebo, to fry a shish kebab on fresh air and drink a glass of wine from the local Church.