In any case, you have to live somewhere. If you have relatives or friends in St. Petersburg, you can spend the night with them. Otherwise, pre-book a room at the hotel, one of the many mini-hotels or rent a room or apartment in the private sector. Suggestions for every taste and purse is enough.
If you came to St. Petersburg for the first time, it will be better to begin to enjoy a sightseeing bus tour. It lasts about two hours. During this time, with an experienced guide you will pass the main sights of the city. But if you choose a night trip, you will be able to observe how the transformed city. In the shadows you take another look at the great works of architecture. Periodically the bus stops so that tourists could get a better look at some of the objects and take photos. The price of day tour, St. Petersburg varies from 250 to 700 roubles. Night - from 450 to 1000.
Be sure to visit the most famous monuments. For example, it is necessary to examine the complex of the Peter and Paul fortress with its famous Mint inside. Once it is from this place began the construction of St. Petersburg. Visit the Mikhailovsky castle. Go to majestic St. Isaac's Cathedral, and certainly climb on the famous colonnade. It is the highest point to survey the city and offers stunning views. Go on a man-made island of New Holland, which until recently was hidden from the eyes of tourists.
Of course, it is impossible to imagine holidays in Saint-Petersburg without a visit to its famous theaters and museums. Visit the Marina, Mikhailovsky and Alexandrinsky theatres (official State theatre of Opera and ballet Academic theatre of drama. A. S. Pushkin), famous for the theatre or Comedy theatre of a name of Akimova. The show schedule should be read in advance, as the excitement around some of the performances very high. Museums in St. Petersburg, a great many. The most famous are the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, it contains treasures of world culture. If you have time, go to the Museum of anthropology and Ethnography, founded by Peter himself, calling the Cabinet of curiosities. A very interesting Central naval Museum and the Museum-apartment of A. S. Pushkin.
Petersburg is a city of beautiful parks. In the suburbs a lot of them: Palace and Park complex Peterhof and Park ensemble of Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk complex... world famous parks of Peterhof brought its unique and numerous fountains (150 fountains and 4 cascades). If you are afraid of being splattered, then go there in the nice summer weather and try to guess which stone fountain surprise we need to attack that was followed by fireworks from the jets. If for some reason you don't want to travel outside of the city, you can relax in the Summer garden. This magnificent Park ensemble with stunning sculptures and fountains Peter built as his residence.
And, of course, St. Petersburg is famous all over the world bridges: the Palace, the Foundry, Trinity bridge, Alexander Nevsky. Explore them on foot. And even better – book a night tour of the channels. A slow swim through the waters on a small boat or handsome boat and admire the magnificent spectacle of the bridges, is literally covered with lights. On some ships to complete the romantic paintings with live music.