The main difference of the Church from the Church is that the Church serves the people of the place where you can quietly pray, to conduct all the necessary rituals to atone for sins. In this room you can have multiple altars with thrones.

The altar is located on a raised altar, his Orthodox model enclosed iconostasis. The throne is the altar, it is covered with a corporal, on top of which is a cross. Liturgy is held at this altar, but in the day to conduct the rite on one throne and only one time with the new priest.

In the Church is only one such altar. This is also the difference between the temple and the Church: in the Church may be several masses a day, and in the Church – the only one.

Originally the Church was a place where together people of the same faith. They are religious conversation, pray. There the priest preaches, teaches members to live in accordance with this belief. In this room have to be standing in the East of the altar.

In some other translations, the Church is all members of some particular faith, the society of religious people. That is, the Church is not only an architectural concept, but also social, religious.

The temple looks different even from the Church. The building has three domes – the Church less the Church. The temples look more majestic, their interior tells the history of the universe, domes usually 3, 5, 7, 11, 12 or 13. Architectural plan of the temple shows a model of the Universe, oriented to the cardinal. Build it into the most visited and unknown places. In the city center usually is the Cathedral – the main Church.

The number of domes also has its specific symbols. Therefore, in some cases it is not a factor in the differences between the temple and the Church (sometimes at the temple only one dome, and the Church as 13). The basic division of these two concepts in their appointment and in the number of altars.