Wearing stockings is quite simple and easy. But there are some nuances that you should consider, to not look vulgar and provocative. Because stockings are considered to be underwear, albeit refined, and because the elastic band must always be out of sight, that is hidden under outerwear. Therefore do not wear stockings with a revealing mini-skirts or overly tight dresses (dense or openwork elastic band can create a bumpy terrain your feet). Stockings is the epitome of femininity and sexuality, and therefore their combination with sportswear, to put it mildly, ridiculous.
Advantageous to look any stockings with a MIDI skirt and absolutely any heels. Gently wear stockings with high boots zip, as contact with this kind of clasp spoils the thin material of the product.
Think carefully about what clothes you are going to use the stockings. Under the mini-skirt put on pantyhose, unless of course you are dressing up for a passionate date involving sexual play. In the latter case, choose the most challenging options: fishnet, fishnet, sexy arrows or prints, etc.
If you knee length skirt, give preference to a dense opaque stockings, they add chic to the look. But the same stockings is contraindicated in combination with long skirts as they will conceal the length of the legs. To the long skirts choose sheer elegant stockings.
The main rule - if you wear stockings to work, for an interview, to study, to meet, to visit or to a party that you in stockings, no one should not know. Only this will mean that you wear this garment the right thing. Elastic band or belt from the stocking should not stand out through the material of clothing. Only you (and your partner) need to know that you are gorgeous, seductive stockings. Then your whole appearance will radiate the mystery, the elusive attractiveness and charm.