You will need
  • Egg, glass of water, matches, a Church candle.
Water and fire will endure and will help to determine the evil eye. People who feel unimportant need to pour plain water into the glass and ignite three matches. Then he throws a lighted match into the water and by their location discovers the dark forces. In the case where a match floating in the water and not sink to the bottom, so that no evil eye. When matches have the vertical position – the small evil eye, as if drowned is a strong evil eye.
If after a conversation with a particular person you feel that strength to leave you, and entrenched in the soul of disturbing thoughts, you should consult your intuition. Listen to the inner voice, analyze his condition, which was before the conversation and after. Random nothing happens and if sudden health deteriorated, hence the reason the evil eye.
To determine the evil eye can and using a Church candle. Light a candle and spend some time around them. If the candle crackled, and abundantly flows down the wax, then pointed at the person of dark forces. The Lord's prayer", read many times in the process of this ritual will help to soften the force of a negative.
After this, you should go to Church. The Church has a bright aura and positive energy, is able to cleanse from evil eye and spoilage. You can wash with Holy water and to protect themselves in this way from the black energy.
In the villages used a method of breaking a raw egg over the person's head. If broken egg had black goo, then on the human damage. Be vigilant and careful.