Thin arms and fragile wrists look very nice in narrow bracelets-rings or the delicate twisted strands. Do not try to pull the hoops higher – they need to slide freely on the arm, ring, facing each other. Thin bangles look spectacular if you wear them immediately several pieces. But chains do not tolerate door to each other – they are confused and intertwined. Select a single network or a snake and put it so that it hung limply in the hands of the brush itself.
Soft bracelets openwork metal mesh, or short, beads of gems, too, are free. Make sure that the bracelet does not turn clasp up and could not do this spontaneously. If the lock is loose, gently squeeze it with pliers. Mention that freely moves by hand the bracelet can easily slip off and be lost.
Broad cast and forged metal wrist best worn by sliding the forearm. Make sure that the bracelet does not hit the skin, leaving footprints on it. The width of the metal wrist rest is possible to adjust a little, with the force squeezing them and slightly reducing the volume. Wear these bracelets alone. The wider and more visible the jewelry, the more attention it will attract.
A very original look leather wristlets – they give a bright accent clothing in sports or classic style. Wristlets can be worn on both hands, fixing them on the wrist. Select models of the same color or contrasting. Beautiful classic black-and-white or red-and-gold combination.
Bracelets, wide chains or metal "ropes" wear alone. But you can experiment by combining them with models made in a completely different style. Try brutal chain together with a delicate string of pearls – this combination looks very fresh and relevant. Both the bracelet needs to slide freely on the arm.