To set the clock in the Samsung operating system Bada first, go to one of the screens on which is located the "options" icon. It looks like a shiny gear on a blue background. Click on this icon and a menu will appear. Select "date and time". You will see several input fields to specify the time zone, enter the date and time, select the time format (12 or 24 hours) and method of display date (default is "number-month-year"). When you select fields for the date and time on the screen automatically displays a keypad allowing you to enter numbers.
Under the data entry form is a button "Auto-refresh". Click on it to turn the phone clocks synchronization with the clock of the base station. The accuracy will also increase, but possible error by one hour in spite of the fact that the transition to winter time is canceled, the server base station can be configured without taking into account this fact.
In the device running the Android operating system, first also find on one of the desktops icon Settings. It looks the same as in Bada, differing only in color: instead of blue background using a dark gray. Select the menu item "date and time". Now, putting the value of some of the items you wish to change, increase or decrease the value of the corresponding setting screen keys with plus and minus. And the button "Automatic" in Android works the same as a button "Auto update" in Bada.
If you have a smartphone with the operating system Windows Phone 7, select one of the screens where there is an icon "Settings" in the form of a flat white gear on bright red or purple background. The same background color on this screen and have the rest of the icons, except one, Xbox Live, the background is green. In the appeared menu, select "date+time". Select the time zone manually enter the time and date. But if you want to get a watch phone synchronized with the base station, check the "Set automatically".